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Fraser Gives a Lecture on “Population Mobility in the Environment of Modernization” at the 25th World Modernization Lecture


Fraser Gives a Lecture on Population Mobility in the Environment of Modernization” at the 25th World Modernization Lecture

Source:   Date: December 28, 2017; 


On the morning of December 7, 2017, the “25th World Modernization Lecture – Population Mobility in the Environment of Modernization” was held at the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Campbell Fraser, Dean of the Department of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University, Australia, gave a lecture titled “Population Mobility in the Environment of Modernization – The Impacts of Low-cost Technologies on the Migration Model of Southeast Asia”.


As an internationally-famous scholar specializing in the issue about laborers in Southeast Asia, Fraser focuses on the social impacts on the technologies and innovations of developing economies, particularly the impacts of technological development on low-income groups. During the lecturing, he put forward that a main indicator of social modernization is the increasing opportunities for low-income groups to acquire technologies. He considered that, in ASEAN countries, such low-cost technologies, particularly the technologies for groups with low socio-economic status, are reflected in low-cost airlines and the popularization of low-cost communication technologies such as the Internet, mobile phone and computer. Such modernization has made a significant impact on the life of the groups with low socio-economic status, but the technologies have unexpected negative effects on the groups with low socio-economic status.


Fraser, in his lecture, gave an overview of the cases that youngsters using low-cost technologies are victimized by human trafficking. These cases involve the LoSES groups investigated by him and are mainly concentrated in Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam and the Thailand. At the end of the lecture, Fraser analyzed how technology-based organizations operate low-cost communication network and airlines, and gave a detailed description about what measures have been taken by these companies to solve the problems.


Fraser has conducted field surveys in 28 countries, including countries that have been destroyed by war, famine and political unrest. He had ever been invited to give lectures in international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the World Bank, provided national health administrations, law enforcement agencies and governmental agencies with advisory services, and worked in advisory committees of such non-governmental organizations including Mohan Fund, etc.


As a public-welfare academic forum hosted by China Center for Modernization Research, CAS, “World Modernization Lecture” is free for participants. It has been held for 25 times since March 2004.



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