The Problem of Urbanization in the View of Foreign Scholars


Author: Tang Lei, Lu Zhe eds.

Publisher: China Social Sciences Press

Date: April 1, 2013

Brief Introduction: The compilers of this book compiled it carefully with such self-positioning and expectations. First, when selecting articles, we consulted a number of experts on urban issues. One of the compilers, Dr. Lu Zhe, is a specialist on urban governance. Nevertheless, we dare not claim that the selected articles can represent the best of the foreign studies on Chinese urban issues. Still, we screened the documents that we can get hold of according to the logic and problem domain of Chinese urbanization itself and selected from them relevant high-quality papers or book chapters. The authors' qualifications and achievements were also important criteria for selection. Even after we have decided on the selection, we are well aware that they may not represent the absolute essence. Instead, we hope to show, through these articles, the possibly different approaches and perspectives of foreign scholars in studying Chinese urbanization issues.


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