China Modernization Report


China Modernization Report is an annual report jointly completed by the Research Group for China Modernization Strategies and the China Center for Modernization Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) with He Chuanqi as the chief editor and Peking University Press as the publisher.

It is a "flagship publication" of China Center for Modernization Research, CAS. The first China Modernization Report was published in 2001. By 2015, there are already 14 annual reports and 4 outlines (English and Russian editions) published.

The Report combines quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, and studies 131 countries in the world (those with population over 1 million and relatively complete data available), covering 97% of the world population and spanning 400 years (from 1700 to 2100). The Report focuses on one topic each year. Topics covered before include modernization evaluation, modernization theory, modernization process, modernization science, world modernization, international modernization, regional modernization, urban modernization, economic modernization, social modernization, cultural modernization, ecological modernization, agricultural modernization, and industrial modernization.



World Modernization Report


World Modernization Report is the proceedings of the First International Modernization Forum which was hosted by China Center for Modernization Research, CAS, in Beijing in 2013 under the theme of “Modernization and Global Change”.

The First International Modernization Forum received over 80 papers, welcomed more than 90 scholars from 14 countries, and adopted the Modernization Announcement. The Chinese edition of the forum proceedings, World Modernization Report, was published by Science Press, and the English edition, Global Modernization Review, is published by the World Scientific Publishing Company of Singapore, with Professor Martinelli and He Chuanqi as chief editors.

The International Modernization Forum will be held every two or three years.



Regional Modernization Guide


Regional Modernization Guide will be a policy guide for the modernization of Chinese regions. it is to be completed by experts from China Center for Modernization Research, CAS, and published by Science Press.

Modernization Science and the China Modernization Report series have paved the way for the Regional Modernization Guide and China Modernization Report 2004: Regional Modernization has laid the foundation for it.



The Second Modernization Series


The Second Modernization Series is edited and completed by He Chuanqi and published respectively by Higher Education Press, The Commercial Press, Science Press, and Springer Publishing Company, Germany. It started in 1999, and has a total of 10 volumes up to 2014.

The Second Modernization Series was the first in the world to put forward such concepts as "the second modernization theory", "integrated modernization theory", and "modernization science".



The China Modernization Forum Series


The China Modernization Forum Series is the proceedings of the China Forum on Modernization Research (CFMR); it is mainly edited by China Center for Modernization Research, CAS, and published by Science Press. The CMFR is an annual academic meeting on modernization research in China and the publication series was launched in 2008 with 14 volumes up to 2015.

The China Modernization Forum Series includes Strategic Opportunities on the Sixth Revolution of Science and Technology, the first of its kind in the world and the Foundation and Opportunity of China's Revival, with He Chuanqi as the chief editor.



Other Monographs


Other monographs are the works completed by the research personnel and visiting personnel of China Center for Modernization Research, CAS.

Currently, there are three books: The Journey of Modernization: An Overall Interpretation by Yu Weidong, and the English edition and Russian edition of Civilization and Modernization co-edited by He Chuanqi and Professor Lapin.



Science & Modernization


In order to promote the study and practice of "modernization science", China Center for Modernization Research of CAS follows the international academic practice and starts to compile and distribute an academic bulletin titled Science & Modernization since 2002. There have been more than 60 issues so far.

The Science & Modernization is a quarterly bulletin for internal communications; it is distributed for free to more than 1,000 institutions and scholars for reference. Science & Modernization is a public and shared platform for academic communications. It does not collect page charges for published articles, nor pay any remuneration. The authors are held responsible for what they publish in it, and the views expressed in the articles do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial board.




Modernization Science Newsletter


In order to promote the study and international cooperation on "modernization science", China Center for Modernization Research of CAS followed international academic practice and started to compile and distribute the Modernization Science Newsletter in English in 2011. There have been 17 issues so far.

The Modernization Science Newsletter comes out quarterly in English and is distributed for free to more than 300 international scholars by email.



Journal of Modernization Science


The Modernization announcement was adopted at the 1st International Modernization Forum, containing three recommendations: "To promote the study of modernization and the modernization process, it is necessary to found the International Modernization Association (IMA), to organize regularly the International Modernization Forum (IMF), and to create an open-access journal of modernization science (JMS)".

The Journal of Modernization Science is still in preparation.



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