International Modernization Forum
International Modernization Forum
IMF Introduction more...>>
IMF Introduction [2019-09-06]
Charter of the International Modernization Forum [2019-09-06]
Why We Join Together? [2019-09-06]
What's Mondernization Announcement? [2019-09-06]
IMF Organization more...>>
IMF Organizational Chart [2019-09-06]
IMF Secretariat Organizational Chart [2019-09-06]
IMF Membership more...>>
Membership Application Processes [2019-09-06]
Membership Categories [2019-09-06]
Member Benefits [2019-09-06]
IMF Updates more...>>
IMF UPDATES No. 01 [2019-09-06]
What's IMF Updates? [2019-09-06]
IMF Briefing more...>>
IMF Secretariat Briefing No.01 [2019-09-06]
4th IMF more...>>
3rd IMF more...>>
Final Announcement for IMF 2019, April 2019 [2019-04-30]
Welcome [2018-05-18]
Invitation [2018-05-18]
IMF 2019 Flyer [2018-05-22]
IMF 2019 Registration form [2018-05-22]
2nd IMF more...>>
Meeting Handbook [2015-07-08]
IMF2016 Flyer [2015-07-08]
Invitation Letter [2015-07-08]
1st IMF more...>>
Modernization Announcement [2015-07-02]
The 1st International Modernization Forum [2015-07-02]
Social Response more...>>
Chinese Scholar Interprets the Periodic Table of Human Civilization: 4 Development Periods and 16 St... [2019-06-11]
The International Modernization Forum Will Set Up Its Headquarters in Beijing, Aiming to Promote Glo... [2019-06-11]
Focusing on Human Development, the 3rd International Modernization Forum Is Held Smoothly [2019-06-11]
The 2nd International Modernization Forum Focuses on Global Diversity [2016-06-16]
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